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White Labeling

Get your own The Cookie Dining platform, under your brand.

Your branding

We will completely rebrand The Cookie Dining platform and set it up on a dedicated server for you. Grow your own customer base and take full controll of your platform.

Your pricing

Let us know how do you want to charge your customers and we will modify the platform to match your needs. Monthly, anually, commission - you are in the drivers seat.

Dedicated support

We are here for you 24/7/365. Are you interested in upselling your customers with mobile apps or custom system integrations? We will give you wholesale prices.

All aspects of The Cookie Dining platform will be rebranded, including:

  • All outgoing notification emails and text messages
  • Administrative back-office interface
  • The Cookie Manager mobile apps (iOS & Android) published under your account
  • The Cookie Driver mobile apps (iOS & Android) published under your account
  • Dedicated guest-facing ordering widget under your domain name

We will also include a free SSL certificate for your back-office and guest-facing ordering widget.

However, we will not provide you with a sales website. We recommend Squarespace or Wix drag and drop builder, so you can create one fast without any programming skills.


Our brand is completely removed from back-office and all source code. Even integration APIs will be done under your platform. With us, you get a custom and fully customizable platform.

We will never reach out to your customer directly either. If your customer has an issue with ordering system, please contact us as soon as possible and we will communicate only with you about solving the problem. Our technical support team will guide you through the process.

No problem!

We will ask you for all integration details and provide you with a affordable wholesale quote, so there is room for you to make profit as well.

Currently we integrate with over 10 POS systems, and this is a monthly paid feature. We will provide you with a wholesale rate so you can make profit as well.

The Cookie Manager mobile apps are where your customer will accept/reject food orders.

The Cookie Driver mobile apps are foro your customers to use if they have their own delivery fleet. They can onboard unlimited number of drivers, and dispatch delivery orders from The Cookie Manager mobile app.

Both of these mobile apps will be rebranded and published under your developers account.

You do. Let us know what pricing model you have in mind so we can customize the platform to match your needs.

In general, we support you, and you support your customers. For custom integrations (POS integrations) or technically-challenging issues, we can get directly involved where necessary under your brand, as your staff members.

Email us at with your name, company information, website (if you have one) and where are you located in. Our team will reach out in 24 hours and you will get your platform up and running in 4 weeks.


Email us at and get your platform up and running in 4 weeks.