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Locations Management

From your dashboard, you can add unlimited number of locations. Add working, delivery and pickup hours, publish / un-publish a location, or temporarily disable online ordering.

Allow pickup, curbside pickup, delivery and non-contact delivery for any or all of your locations.

Menu Management

Customize menu to the tiniest detail. You have one menu that is shared between all your locations? No problem. Or you have different menus for each location? You can do that too.

Every piece of your menu can be shared or assigned to one location only.

Receive Orders

You have a few ways of getting notified when a new order comes in. Besides being notified via our "The Cookie Manager" mobile app, we can also send an email, a text message or a fax.

Accepting orders via POS systems will be available for selected POS providers.

Cash & Online Payments

Enable cash and/or credit card payments for each location independently. If all your locations share the same bank account, you can set that as well.

Online payouts are every 5 business days for North America, Australia and Europe, and 3 days for Africa.

Delivery Management

You can set unlimited number of delivery zones from your dashboard. Set delivery fee, enable/disable any zone on the fly.

If you already offer delivery, you can use our "The Cookie Delivery" mobile app for your own drivers to dispatch order details. Or our delivery service instead.

Discounts & Coupons

Run unlimited number of promotions across all or one of your locations. Select promotions for each location independently.

Generate reports for each of the promotions, compare them and see which one is performing better. Download reports as PDF for your own records.

And so much more.