1. Features & Benefits

Explore the benefits of having The Cookie Dining ordering system.

Promote your brand to your customers, not someone else's. Put your brand in their hands.

Credit Card Processing Included

Unlike other online ordering portals, we will pay you daily. Money goes directly to your existing bank account.

Increase Revenue

With busy phone line you are losing money. With your own web & mobile app ordering system you are making money.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

The convenience of ordering online and the accuracy of each order helps create happy and loyal customers.

Eliminate Order Errors

Ordering through your app gives your customers enough time to think about what to order. It is a stress-free process.

Save Time

Your customers and your employees should spend less time on the phone, and more time serving and enjoing your food.

Saves You Money

You only pay 5% + $0.10 per transaction (credit card fees included). That is it. Think about all the money we save you!

Fancy Features

Car navigation ordering apps? XBOX? Smart TVs? Multilingual apps? POS integrations? We got you covered.

Go Mobile

Ask anyone what they always have on hand? Near them? In bed with them when they sleep even? That’s right: their phone.

Great ROI

Ask yourself, if you can order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant in under 2 minutes, how often would you be ordering?

Feature-packed restaurant online ordering system.

Not all restaurants are the same. Customize the system to fit your workflow. Extend it with plenty of features.

Branded Web Ordering

Put your brand in their hands.

Branded Mobile Apps

Reach your customers where their attention is.

Get Paid Instantly

Connect your existing bank account and get paid instantly.

Sales Reports

Real-Time sales reports, historical reports and sales prediction.

We play great with others.

Most of integrations will be available in early 2016. Your system is not listed? Send us a message, we are open to suggestions.

Let's work together.

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